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    Academy of Robotics and Automation. Looking to learn a well-paid profession, and work for some of Europe’s leading businesses? Then you’ve come to the right place!

About our company

Newdaylogic specialises in recruiting seasoned specialists, as well as those who are about to start a career in industrial automation.

Our main purpose is to train professional programmers for the industrial robots used in the production lines of our clients in automotive, logistics, food, and specialised mechanical engineering.

We also work in two additional areas: programmable logic controller (PLC) programmers whose tasks encompass everything from process analysis to the full implementation of PLC control in the client’s processes, and electrical engineers specialising in the installation of electrical cabinets, installation and maintenance of electric wiring and cables, and the implementation of professional fire alarm systems.

Every year, we carry out hundreds of projects for major clients in automotive, logistics, food and specialised mechanical engineering industries.

In addition to recruiting staff, we help those taking their first steps in professional training. We’ve set up a modern training centre in Riga. It is equipped with specialised robotics rooms for theoretical and practical classes.

Our training centre employs top robot programmers with many years of experience implementing robots in industrial facilities.

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Why us?

Our academy offers a training course developed by professionals in automation and robot programming. Our instructors have more than 10 years of practical experience in the industry. Our academy is no place for theoreticians! Our curricula are designed based on robot manufacturer standards.

  • Our mission

    Create technological opportunities for those who seek to change their future by multiplying the value of their skills today.

  • Our goal

    Achieve high standards in online education and build the public’s trust towards new methods and models in education, based on our own resources, ideas and experience.

  • Our unique point

    Being able to learn an in-demand profession should no longer depend on how far you are from a university, on your grades in school, on spending huge amounts of money, and on a lot of stress for no good reason. We are making a new reality where what is innovative today, becomes a standard tomorrow.

    We build close and successful relations with European companies, bringing together their demand for high-quality specialists and the desire of our graduates to find a well-paid job. In this way, we help our best graduates find a job.

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